Welcome to EMR Connect Hub

from Columbia University Irving Medical Center

NIH-Funded Research studies are using EMR Connect Hub from Columbia University Irving Medical Center to Connect with their participant around the country. This site will enable you to rapidly and securely share your electronic medical record (EMR) data with the research study you participate in.

Events ID Code

An Events ID Code is required. Please obtain one from your study coordinator if not already given one. This Event ID Code ensures that your data is handled securely.
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Understanding EMR Connect Hub

EMR Connect Hub is a tool being used by researchers. It enables participants to share their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data with researchers securely.

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1. Recieve Events ID Code From Your Study Coordinator

We use Events ID Codes to ensure that only study participants are using EMR Connect Hub and to ensure their data gets routed to the correct study. If you do not have an Events ID and are participating in a study that is using EMR Connect Hub, please contact your study coordinator. This is not a password, but should still be kept secure.

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2. Consent to Allow EMR Connect Hub and your Study to Access your Records

You will be presented with a detailed consent form that describes the risks and benefits of participating in this research. The consent form is specific to your study and has been reviewed and approved by the Institutial Review Board of your study. The IRB is the organization that is responsible for human subjects protection while conducting research.

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3. Log In to Your Medical Provider's Patient Portal

After you consent to particpate, EMR Connect Hub will ask you which providers you would like to connect with your study. Not all providers are currently allowing access to participants. Federal regulations require them to do so by next year. If your provider is not listed, feel free to contact them and encourage them to participate. Once you select your provider, you will be re-directed to your providers Patient Portal where you will be able to log in securely. You should check that the URL of your browser matches the URL you expect for your Patient Portal before you enter your credentials. EMR Connect Hub will never have access to your Username or Password and will not attempt to try to obtain them.

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4. Approve the Transfer of Your EMR Data to EMR Connect Hub and Your Study

Your Patient Portal account will describe in detail the data that will be shared with EMR Connect Hub and Your Study. Please review this carefully, and if you agree to share this data, click to approve the transfer. Once you approve the transfer of data, you will be re-directed back to EMR Connect Hub from your Patient Portal account. You will have the option of sharing additional data from additional providers at that time.

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5. Data will be transfered to EMR Connect Hub

Your EMR data will be transferred to EMR Connect Hub using secure, encrypted communications. It will only be used according to the terms of Your Study's consent document that you signed in step 2. The data will be encrypted and maintained securely at all times.